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    Default Its easy to defeat

    I wish i had a digital camera. To take a picture of this but what I have done is take the low tech approach which works all to good. Take your front plate and just put a super protector on it chances are few cops are gonna see it from the front anyway. Or lower the plate to where its almost on the bottom of the bumper and kick it in. This will bend the plate where the camera will be only able to pick up slight lettering if done right they wont be able to read it. Trust me.

    More importantly on the back. Do this go to the hardware store get some door hinges hopefully some medium or small size ones. Screw the door hinges to the back side of your car right underneath the license plate make sure both hinges are next to each other. Not for the faint of heart if you got a new car. Make sure hinges are put on the bottom and then take your plate and attach the back plate to the bottom hinges. Of course you will need to make sure the plate has the urge to fall flat down when you let go of the plate. Now take a string or wire make a whole in the top of the plate make it small in the upper right hand corner or left corner. Loop the wire or string around the hole then drill a whole in the car behind the plate send it through the trunk. You must get the wire into the cabin. I went through my speakers and loop it into the cabin and tied it to my emergency brake. Make sure theirs plenty of tension on the wire or string. When you run the red light and it does the flash just drop the wire or string loose the plate will fall face down like a door swinging downward and the red light camera will take a picture of a car with no license plate. Once cleared the intersection pulled back on the string the plate will come back up. And all is well. I tried this 4 times and ran 4 red light intersections with red light cameras. I made sure I did this when their was very little to no traffic around. Its been several months now and I have not received one ticket. I had a few state troopers and cops pull behind me at red lights and not even notice the modification if done right you cant even tell. It just looks like it has bottom mounting brackets. Of course you need to know where the red light cameras or the photo cameras are. But if you know your area the red light cameras shouldn't be to hard to spot. Just remember when you hit the yellow and your gonna gun it remember pull the string. Then one time I stood at the intersection and watch my friend drive my car and do it. It was hilarious. I guess you could do it to the front as well. But getting it through the firewall is a much harder task. I almost forgot you will want to put some kind of backer or blackcover on the back side of the plate.This will hide the indent of the lettering on the plate. Because they could still read the indent on the other side if its not covered.

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    I'd like to add a little to this thread. I've seen quite a few ways to move the license plate lately.

    1. Mount a power antenna sideways in the rear bumper shell. Then attach the plate to the telescopic mast of the antenna. With a simple electric switch, the plate will slide under the bumper shell. Slow, though.
    2. JDM hinged front license plate that swings into a horizontal position due to airflow at speed. Stick on wheel weights can help you fine tune the balance, as well as adding more nuts or bolts through the existing holes in the plate.
    3. Cable operated setup. Use the existing trunk release/gas door cables. One end of the cable goes to the hinged rear plate. The other end goes to an OEM trunk release lever. This might need a spring loaded plate to work right. Also, an extra hood release cable could be used for the front plate, I suppose.
    4. Vacuum or electric operated streetrod style retractable plate.
    5. Pure 007. Put 3 or 4 different plates on a spinning drum (like a slot machine).

    You could also rig up a solid cover (or a bogus plate) that quickly covers up your solidly mounted plate. I'd like to suggest one of those JESUS novelty plates for your state.

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    haha, your the man. I'm going to try a few of these tips out I think I'm also going to start wearing around an Elmer Fudd style hat so no facial recognition.

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    i have an idea. how about just dont run red lights. its alot cheaper, and requires no modification of your car, and you can use your time for more productive things

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    These set ups sound like they are just rigged up. Just need a license plate cover that really does work and will cover license number to cameras but let the police or public with their naked eye see license number from any angle I should look as normal or close as a plate that isn't covered.. :shock:



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