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    Default Speed Camera In CA?

    Hi, i was just worried is there any speed photo camera's using in Cali?
    because i was driving on the road one day 85mph under 50mph and got a full 9 KA bands and there was a sign said Safety Photo Enforce something like that. I'm not sure is that mean red light camera or speed.

    location : poway, CA

    And the other day, there was a CA sheriff organization call me and ask me for donation? "they usually do that after i got a ticket, i don't know why."

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    chances are it was somebody else's car getting hit by a instant on. Also thats where power braking helps Dont go more then five over if your the only one around. Stay in the right lane and look for those photo camera's. I doubt it was a red light camera. If you do get a ticket make sure you pay the fine in all pennys. Cops in my area hardly ever give me tickets anymore for instant on. Because they know I will bring banker bags upon banker bags of pennys to pay the fine. And it ticks off the front desk lady and I think the word gets back to the officer.



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