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    Default the uk's fake gatsos!!!

    I though i'd post theses....

    Over here most people are obsessed by cars speeding ie they drive slightly higher than the too slow speedlimits! and people have been brainwashed into thinking anything more than 30mph kills!

    so most people campaign for gatsos there seriously speed obsessed!

    and if the council dont give them one they make there own!!

    try not to laugh too much

    20 please what speed limits that!!

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    We have 30 limits - that's km/h!

    18mi.h for you

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    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! That´s the funniest thing ever. I can just imagine grandma welding together the sheet metal and hanging it onto the lamppost 8) . Seriously though, we also have speed limits of 30 km/h in some of the SLOW TRAFFIC ZONES. The limit is appropriate there though, since some braindead pedestrian can stroll across the street in a heartbeat without you actually seeing him prior to him actually being sprawled across the hood...
    It seems that the "speed kills" motto is rearing its ugly head everywhere. Even in Germany the Green party wanted to impose constant speed limits on the Autobahns. Talk about sick and twisted people...



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