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    Default any heard of P-CB PRO model 500 ?

    I found it on ebay and it's similar to On Track instead it "refracts" instead of "reflects" a mirror type view.

    That makes it seem less noticeable for people to notice.

    what do you guys think?

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    Default I've tested the P-CB PRO 500

    I have tested the P-CB PRO 500 and it blocks out the plate numbers at the same angle as the Ontrack covers. If I had to recommend the Ontrack or P-CB PRO 500 I'd choose the 500 because it's not as noticeable. It doesn't creat a mirror finish like the protectors do. There was a recent news story on Kiro 7 or King 5 in Seattle that video taped a part of the SML testing of the anti-photo radar sprays and concluded that the sprays did not work at all. Originally the sprays did work against the older non-digital cameras, but now they are worthless against the new digital. On the news it clearly showed how you can just reverse the picture to its negative. Whatever you do don't buy a spray. Stick with a "refractive" cover, not a reflective cover like the one found on phantomplates site. That cover works exactly the same as the spray and we all know these don't work anymore.

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    thanks for the help. I felt the same way about the reflection vs. refraction. I would like to keep my truck as discreet as possible even though it's so large.

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    Default License plate covers using light bending technology

    I did some searches and could not find P-CB PRO 500.

    I was able to find Photoshiled by Phantomplate inc on Amazon, and it claims to have light bending technology with an adjustable lens. Is this the same as PRO 500? Is it different from the Super Protector on Radar Roy's site?

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    sorry I should have posted the link.

    Please, no direct linking to sales of products that compete with Roy's. Thanks.


    the seller responded that it refracts instead of reflects like Roy's site. so there 's no mirror look at an angle. I thought this 1 would be better. I ordered 1 so we'll see.

    they have a 90 day ticket warranty.

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    Default License Plate Covers

    Thanks for your reply. The eBay website does have an impressive checklist of comparison points. However, PhantomPlate's PhotoShield cover additionally claims to have an "adjustable" lens to make it difficult for photoradar systems to decipher even personalized name plates, and it also claims to be effective against hand held laser guns in situations other than photographing your plate. I would be curious to hear from anyone who has actually has a PhotoShield cover and can explain the range of "adjustments" whatever that might be.

    I wonder if anyone has independently tested and made comparisons between all the covers that claim to effectively bend (rather than reflect) light? :?:

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    Default Stealth Plates (Priva-plate)

    Hi everybody
    Has anyone heard before the "stealth-plates" or "priva-plate" (older name)?
    It's a plastic black frame with an attached lcd technology screen with led power lights on it and when the driver switches the device on the rear numberplates are viewable but when he switches it off the numberplates are not viewable in anyway (ordinary or digital camera or photo-digital processing).
    PM me to send you some usefull sites
    I believe that they don produce them in U.K.
    there is an individual who sells them in the US but only for US size plates.
    I wonder if someone knows anything more
    Athens - Greece

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    Default King 5

    The KING 5 story was done at SML in January and I was there.

    They did report that the spray had no effect, but as far as cameras they used their camera and they did not use the flash from a IF source, so their report on that part was incorrect.

    However, with the tweeking of some digial photographs, the plate number can be brought out from an overexposed photograph.
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