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    Anybody made any test on what's the best radar cover plate? Superprotector (made by ONTRACK), Photoshield (made by PHANTOMPLATE) and P-CB PRO (made by ???)?
    Anybody know what is the manufacturer of P-CB PRO? I could find it only on Ebay.

    please help!

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    if they block the photo then they work...just do a search on here...all the info is here somwhere

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    I just bought the eclispe, it absorbs laser and distorts your plate at different angles. I'll let you know, haven't recieved it yet.

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    Don't get any of those anti-photo plates from TelestarOne aka: Specterguard. You will get a ticket faster a speedster as it blocks out your license plate numbers from the rear. Any person if not police officer will see this as this brings attention to your car immediately driving with no license plate (You probably have a better chance with no license plate as this product is so apparent your are blocking and concealing your license plate from public view.
    This company makes the false claim their plates are viewable from the rear but at the same time they have a disclosure on their website that does not guarantee the effectiveness of their products and are not responsible in any way. They don't guarantee or stand by their product basically they wipe their hands clean of any responsibility and even go to as far as threatening anyone (customer) with criminal prosecution that copies their website. Isn't it strange also they operate out of a P.O. Box in Hermossa, Florida? Just too many red flags as they use the internet as a tool to get away with false phony claims..Yes (OUT OF STATE LAWS-internet tool) "Check your local laws"...big red flag..another red flag is that they don't have a RETURN POLICY Only a warranty if plate/pos plastic breaks and that is only for 1 year. BEWARE with this company.



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