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    Default WTB: Videos of your speed or red light camera violation

    If you have recently received a red light or speed camera ticket, I am willing to purchase access to your video for $50. For example, Redflex systems uses the website If you PM me your citation information that allows me to login to either Redflex, Gatso, or American Traffic Systems and see a video clip (not just a photo) of your violation, I will send you $50 via paypal gift payment. I need to be able to see and play the full motion video of the citation, not just a picture of your license plate.

    As for my reasons, in short, I need to see the video resolution and quality that these cameras possess. I am trying to ascertain if your license plate number can be read from the actual video footage, or if it is simply used for evidential purposes. The companies claim that your license plate will be gotten strictly from pictures, but I need to find out if their cameras are technically advanced enough to get your plate number from video alone.

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    Default Re: WTB: Videos of your speed or red light camera violation

    Not exactly what your looking for, but here is something that was posted on another forum.



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