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    Ok, i live in phoenix arizona, I'm sixteen years old and I have my driver's liscense but no insurance and i was driving my girlfriends car while she was in the passenger seat. Unfortunately, I think a red light camera got my picture.... Who's going to have to pay the fine? Will my liscense get suspended? Also, I'm not totally sure that the camera took a picture of me although i think it did. Is there anyone I could call to verify that I have a ticket coming my way before it comes in the mail? Also, any advice on how to avoid as much trouble as possible would be greatly appreciated.

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    the red light cameras normaly get you from the rear, the ticket in the mail will go to the registered keeper thats your girlfriend....

    on the letter it will have a few boxes asking who was driving at that time...

    it will say what the penality is wether its just a fine or points aswell...

    the best way to go about this is if its just a fine, ask your girlfriend to take it and you pay the fine........

    with you just getting your licence you could be on some sort of probation period where a number of offences or points you get your licence revoked..

    its bad enough going through a red light, but not being insured aswell just adds to it, if you take the rap for it even though you may only get a fine it could affect your licence by either the offence or if they check to see if your insured on that car!

    obviously you should know the law in your state and if you have a drive careful period on your licence.... thats dont get any offence within the first 2 years etc.....

    best thing to do is to find out if you do have licence conditions, and if you get and fine or points on your licence......




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