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    Yesterday I encountered a speed trap using Sensys MSSS. I had BEL 550 with me (it was pure lack to have it with me while driving in Attika). Turned around and checked how 550 performed against this mobile camera. Take a look:


    1. The detection started right before the camera.
    2. The freq meter display gave many different frequencies, 24.106, 24.120, ...
    3. The detection ended about 200 m after the camera.
    4. Made a second round but they had just uninstalled the camera, so no results with other RDs.


    1. They probably turned on the camera the very last moment, because detection started with 3-4 bars, a very strange and odd thing to happen.
    2. This system is very advanced. It measures speed 21 times per second. I don't know if it uses multiple antennas or a bouncing beam to cover all the lanes. The bouncing beam or multiple antennas can cause the multiple frequencies shown on the meter.

    Any infos about this kind of camera would be highly appreciated and useful.

    Thnx for your time.

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    Default Re: Sensys MSSS

    well there is not so much i can tell you about sensys other than it uses a tracking radar (one antenna tracking multiple vehicles across multiple lanes). i am not sure what the nominal frequency is (maybe 24.125GHz but no guarantee). detectors with horn antennas do not show accurate fqency (horn antenna limitation). also i dont think they just tuned it on. it seems like it was pointed away from you (receding) and is low powered so the detection was bad because of this. sadly even some material i got at intertraffic in amstedam does not reveal much technical details and it’s not used anywhere close to where i live.
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