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    Default Differences of photo radar

    I'm looking at, looking at 6 different products, and have absolutely no idea what the difference is between them. Theres a couple in the 25 dollar range and one that jumps to 350!!! What are the things that differentiate between these devices?

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    when you click on an item it says what it does and how it works...

    that $350 is a jammer, which flashes a bright light on your plate which makes it unreadable.

    the others are just licence plate covers which make the plate unreadable from certain angles.

    depending where you are in the world some of the stuff is illegal, i know all the stuff is illegal in the uk.......

    but in arizona most things go! so make sure you can use it before buying, or if its illegal use it very carefully!

    hope this helps...

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    i did look at the descriptions b4 posting...duh...but couldnt understand the difference, now I can see that the expensive one does what you said and the rest are more passive



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