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    Default What Cameras are these?

    Do anyone know what kind of cameras are these and the type of beam used (whether laser or radar?)
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    Default Re: What Cameras are these?

    Gatso K band?

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    Thanks Cliff & Tiho,

    More likely that could be the Multaradar CD, the logo "Robot" on the radar unit really gives it away....spec off Jenoptic's website spells that it emits K band.

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    transmits at 21.100ghz
    best performance is with your detector in its normal horizontal position, although tests with a vertical detector shows only a minor reduction in detected range.

    these are easy enough to detect with a top of the range rd.

    they have 3 power settings, but these settings only change the distance at which a speed readingis obtained, it'll still be detected by your rd at the same range no matter what setting the operator selects



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