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    Default Laser gun with photo capture?

    Background: Dallas, TX, traveling I-35N under LBJ/I635 underpass, weather was rainy and overcast, time around 7PM (still daylight)

    Driving home from work one day this week, in moderate traffic and intermittent heavy rainfall, my V1 alerted to laser. I didn't think a whole lot about it at first because I wasn't really speeding (maybe 5 MPH over) and I was on the phone. Besides, I get false alerts in this area from time to time, due to sunlight and tail lights from GM SUVs. In addition, this is an area of a major construction project and traffic is always slow.

    As my V1 continues to alert, I look up just as I pass under another highway, LBJ/I635 and see a man standing on the overpass, holding a laser gun and then a camera flash...WTF??? He was dressed in what appeared to be a police uniform. However, it was a light blue shirt (PDs in that area wear navy blue unis). Also, he was positioned at a spot where it is impossible to jump in his car and go after any speeders.

    As far as I know, speeding tickets via cameras are illegal in Texas. I'm not really concerned myself about getting a ticket in the mail because: 1. I don't think I was speeding and 2. I don't have a front license plate on my car (yes, I know that is required by state law).

    Anyone have any idea what it was I witnessed?

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    Default Re: Laser gun with photo capture?

    Coulda been one of the newer Lidars that compute spacing between vehicles.If you were tail-gating the car in Front of might be getting a ticket & a picture in the mail soon.

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    Default Re: Laser gun with photo capture?

    Sounds like a Trucam with DBC installed on it.Could also be a truspeed DC with DBC also installed.I bet it was a LTI Truflash!
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