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    Post Please delete this as an accidental double post and keep the other post thank you.

    So first off this is meant as a self help guide to help users new to C550.

    This is a quick help section here.

    1. Cheetah has stopped the ability to delete poi's now if you mistakenly hit the mark button for poi. You have to drive back passed
    said point to delete individual points now. There is no more tap a second time and delete function of mistake pois.

    2. You can delete all poi's by cycling through the menu, warning this will delete all points of interest.

    3. To mark a location simply hold the up arrow for about ten seconds while driving passed your desired warning location. "Warning you must
    be moving for this mark location feature to work properly.

    4. To set all camera's on you must go into custom distance and make sure all camera's have a range established and they are not in the "off postion."
    Yes you can set your own ranges, and turn off certain camera systems if you know they are not really used in your area. "Not recommended."

    5. To enter the main menu hit the ... button which is menu. To cycle through the menu hit this button again. To change an option use either the up or down arrow for the desired selection.

    6. To change brightness enter the main menu ... and adjust option 1.

    7. To change audio volume simply from the main screen hit either the up arrow or down arrow which ever direction you care to adjust the volume up or down. Remember to use short key strokes to not add mistaken poi.

    8. To delete a custom poi drive by your point and when the alert starts hold the down arrow.

    I hope this assists anyone whom get's a new C550 cheetah as the user manual leaves much to be desired. This quick assist guide should help greatly
    anyone that is currently struggling with said gps device.

    Lastly to update device. Simply go to | Speed and red light camera protection login to the members area if you have a gold or platinum membership it must be active.

    1. Your computer may need drivers to see the cheetah device. On windows 10 mine didn't. Though if yours does look to the cheetah site i'm sure you'll find them.

    2. Download your respective update file, "BASED ON YOUR WINDOWS VERSION" usually this is auto detected but make sure if not use the drop down menu to select your version of windows.

    3. Download your update file.

    4. Execute the update file. "I.E. Run the update application you just downloaded to your computer.

    5. Click update, and ok.

    6. Wait for cheetah to update and say successful. Simple as pie.

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