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Thread: Thank you Roy!

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    Default Thank you Roy!

    I just wanted to thank Roy for putting together a great Shootout. This event has already benefitted members of the community and I expect that as a result of the LIDAR testing I did with the other RALETC members Won Hunglo and Mirage; there will be many new laser jammer firmware updates released shortly.

    There are many great things that happened at the event outside of the actual testing that we will report.

    Thank you for the opportunity for Raletc and I to participate in the event. We will be posting our results and discussion of the results on our website, RALF, and of course here on

    I would like to take the opportunity also to thank Mike, Blake, Ron, Ted, Leon, Bonnie, Tom, Cliff, Patrick Jerry, Mrs. Roy, Ron, Larry, Sean, Bob, Chris, Ted, Electronic Dude, Aaron, and the rest of the guys from Escort for your participation. Forgive me if I missed anyone.

    I look forward ward to next year's event.

    This is my current view as I recover from spending four days in the desert.
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    Default Re: Thank you Roy!

    YellowCab - I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism of your crew and all the hard work you've done. I emailed you the result of our radar test for you to review and to also post on your site when we have all the data.

    Please let me know about next week's live broadcast and if you would provide me your results

    I'm posting some of my photos to drop box now and when they are done uploading you're welcome to share them

    Still need to get the videos from the video crew that were out
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    Default Re: Thank you Roy!

    Thanks to all for a great weekend of testing. This benefits the whole community. Great to meet so many new people in the community. Looking forward to next year or sooner...



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