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    Default Ontario Radar bands

    Hi guys.....Lost my Escort 8500 3 weeks ago on Hwy 169 coming South from Sudbury to Toronto, 175.00 fine!! Bought the new STi and installed it yesterday, it's far more sensitive then the 8500 was with lots of x band false alarms in the city.....Question - do the cops in Toronto area (say Ontario in general) still use X band radar? Does anybody still use X-band other then the garage door opener companies? I'd like to turn off the X band on the STi and run without it. Thanks.

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    were there any demerit points?

    I havent seen any x-band ever. I use city noX in the city and highway when on the highway.

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    Yes there is still X-Band in Ontario. Mostly regional police have them still. I ran into X-band a few months ago in the Kitchener area. I would definitely not recommend turning X-Band off.

    Use the City mode on your STi to reduce falses.



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