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    Default K band and POP??

    I have driven this route for years now about 4 times a day. I know exactly where and what band my RD will false.

    Today I was sitting at a red light, 1st in line. I was recieveing a K band alert right before I reached the red light. After it wa alerting me to K band for a moment it gave me a pop alert. After about 3 or 4 pop alerts it went back to K band. Light turned green and as I drove down the K band deminished. I never had a visual of and LEO, my guess is that there was a true K band coming down the road perpendicular to the road I was on.

    I just recently turned my POP mode on (been messing with the settings to get an idea of what it is capable of)

    I have noticed it falses on POP quit a bit. It is an X50 Rev 5.

    Any ideas to what was going on?

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    I've had mine POP on me a few times. Not sure why but much like other "falses", I'll acknowledge the warning.



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