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    Default motorcycle mounting

    I live in Ontario and recently purchased the Beltronics STi Driver. I am looking for any advice on how I can mount the detector so it will be hard to see. I drive a sportbike. I do not need to see the display as I will have it wired to an earpiece inside my helmet and will hear any alarms it gives off. i was thinking of buying a tinted windscreen and mounting it under the windscreen?? Will the detector still be able to work through the tint?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Radar reception will (should) work through the tinted windscreen, my RD works fine on mine... laser reception will probably be decreased.

    Hiding it behind the tinted windscreen makes it very hard to see the RD.

    Here is where my RD is placed (when being used) [of course its legal where I live and you may want to hide it better]:

    Here is a (blurry...sorry) shot from the side... where you cannot see the RD through it.

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    Wow, I need to post the location of my detector. You have your mounted at a 45 degree angle (shown in the picture) WOW :shock: Suppriesed the S.C.'s hold it.

    I love having my detector on my bike when riding, the reception is so much better than behind auto glass!
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