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    Default Is KA the only band used in California?

    Coming up 101 from San Simeon to San Jose I was hit about 5 times, all with KA. Do the cops use anything else?

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    California uses KA, K, Laser, as well as Pacing, and Airborn VASCAR.

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    Yes, I'd be almost positive they use others.

    For the first month and a half I had my RD, every non-false radar I came across was Ka. Then within one week I was hit with Laser, K, and even X, all within Florida.

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    Cambria you are in my neck of the woods,
    CHP uses Ka only, except Airborn VASCAR on mainly HWY 5 (look for the white lines on the road for stopwatch clocking) Remember up until a few years ago the CHP was not allowed to use radar at all except in very few areas, so when it became expectable they bought what was on the cutting edge.
    City cops use K or Ka no X in CA/NV laser is very rare, I still have only been hit twice.
    Rumor is that it is a pain to use.

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    I too live in the bay area and ka is the only radar chp uses. city cops mainly use k, however some have ka, and laser. Never had a laser encounter tho.

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    In two months of driving around the Sacramento area, including two trips to Bay Area and LA, it has been 100% Ka on the highways, about an even split between constant and instant-on. Still zero falses on Ka - when it goes off there is a CHP.

    On a Saturday afternoon the coverage on I-5 south of Tracy was very thick. We were clocked 5 times and saw two aircraft in the course of one hour. A sneaky trick was to simply sit on the right shoulder and instant on. I expect more elaborate traps than that so it caught me a little off guard. Visibility to the right should can be pretty limited by trucks, RVs, etc., so they may be difficult to see until you are close.

    The only K band has been the security folks clocking cars in the complex where I work. I always get a chuckle when K goes full alert on the access road around the complex. I guess they might tell your boss you were being "bad."

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    Its probably safe to say that many smaller municipalities around the states have "older" technology because of their smaller operating budgets so ruling out K and X would likely be unwise.

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