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    Default New RD forum for francophone (french) people!

    Hello guys!

    I would like to inform you about a new forum I have started last week. This is about RD's and all other ways against radars and lidars :P

    This forum was created for francophone users on TripodUK in order to discuss about it without the problem of the french law
    It shouldn't be lots of members because we would like to stay a small community (the discretion is required in our case).

    I know there are some french speakers among the numerous quality members of and the people have good knowledge about RDs so we need you on our new forum :wink:

    I am posting in english because I don't really want french police can find this in french language
    Here is the URL : (edit: Please send me a PM to get the URL). No direct link for the same reasons explained above.

    The main pages of the website are very simple and not very designed but it will be improved soon and the forum is more important :!:

    Don't hesitate to post comments and suggestions

    Your help will be very appreciated

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    Yeahh baby! Very good forum!

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    Thanks :wink:



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