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    Default RadarRoy and Mike Valentine

    I am glad to see that both RadarRoy and Mike Valentine are on this forum. I have previously owned products from Escort and Bel, Passport and the V1. I am not advocating pushing any of these products but at least we have two knowledgeable folks who can answer questions for us that own their products. I have seen folks ask others about what Rd's they have and technical questions about these products, but here we have two men intimately familiar with Bel, Escort and Valentine. I look forward to some really good posts. Now if we can get representatives of other brands on board many of the questions we ask of each other will be answered and customers can make informed decisions or tweek and understand the workings of their own personal RD. Remember the customer isn't always right - but the customer is ALWAYS the customer. So in my opinion it is to the benefit of us all and to the manufacturers to have manufacturers contribute answers to the products they sell. Drive safely and happy motoring. (Hope I am not alone in this thought.)

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    And I am looking forward to some objective RD testing this summer. Good post, Arizona.

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    Default rd's

    me too.... i bet with mike owning many porsches and probibly other fast cars i bet he's had a few tickets in his time or may be he's never had a ticket but confused the cop with his radar talk!

    but i'm sure he's had plenty of near misses with speed traps!

    and i sure hope he doesnt retire!! if he did we would be in a mess!

    who else knows what he know about radar detectors, radar, laser!



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