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    Default Questions about instant on...

    So I'm new to the scene of radar detectors and figured I needed to get one given I have a rather heavy foot and have a 1200mile drive between school in South Carolina and home in Texas.
    My first unit is an Escort 8500 x50 and I am nothing but satisfied by its performance so far. My big question is, what is instant on? how does it work? and how likely am I to encounter it on my trip home which will take me through Alabama, Mississippi and Lousiana, and finally Texas? I read extensively online befor I decided what to choose as my first detector and one of the things I read in the SML detector shootout 2005 was that the 8500 x50 detected instant on Ka-band at 2miles. Does this mean there is some early warning for instant on Ka? I figured this is something I should address before I make the trip home.
    Sorry for the long post, just a newbie looking for answers.

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    Instant-On is a mode the LEO can place his radar unit in in which all of the electronics are powered up, online and ready but his radar antenna is not broadcasting radio-waves and thus nothing for your RD to detect during this time (the officer can not obtain vehicle speed in this state).

    When the LEO wants to obtain the speed of a vehicle, he places his radar into active mode with a flick of a switch, in which his radar antenna begins broadcasting radio-waves once again and instantly capture your speed.

    You can see the danger as the only way to detect a LEO running instant on is if he checks the speed of vehicles in front of you & you get periodic alerts if you are in range. This is why you NEVER want to be the lead car in a pack of speeding cars.

    Instant-On is very common, other members may be able to give you detailed info about your area.

    hope this helps.



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