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    Default Escort 8500 vs Escort 8500 X50

    Newbie here....had numerous detectors over the years and just found this forum. Great information. My question. I have an original Escort 8500 and when the new X50's came out, the tech at Escort told me that in Arizona my original 8500 is fine, no need to upgrade. Now after reading numerous articles here and Radar Roy's comments, the Escort 8500 X50 has a better range on K and KA than my 8500. Does anyone know if my original 8500 can be upgraded? Or, do I have to buy a new one? I was looking at the V1, but most of my driving is in the Phoenix metro area (daily driver is a C6 Corvette and weekend driver is a restored 66 Corvette) and I like the reduced false alerts of mine vs the V1 that a friend has. If I need a new one, I will go with the X50 - however, I hate to shell out $300 if my current detector is upgradeable......

    Thanks for your assistance! Ron

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    Honestly, gains from the 8500 to the X50 would be extremely minimal. The only real difference between the two is that the X50 has POP alert, which many people just end up disabling because of the increased falses.

    IMO - take the money you would have spent on the X50 and supplement it with a laser jammer. At least that way there will be some substantial gain

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    Yep get a M40 for the C6 and maybe a second for the Sting Ray depends how nuts you go on the loud pedal. What do you have under the hood of the 66?

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    I agree the gains on radar/lsaer reception would be minimal... K and Ka will probably be slightly better (but as aforementioned by compu44 POP was the main difference)... so the Tech at Escort was correct.

    I also agree with the above... get a jammer.

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