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    Newbie here! I have been lurking on this forum for a couple of days. I have learned a few things in the process. I was going to go with the V1.8 until I readup on the X50. Which would you pick( regardless of price)?

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    Many people here believe that for city driving, the X50 would be better, and for highway driving, the V1. If cost isn't a factor, get both!

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    Regardless of price, at the current time I would take a V1, but price included my choice would probably be the Bel RX65. The X50 red-lights is still a good unit, but the RX65 seems "a better compromise". Blue lights just tick me off

    Actually, what I would honestly do is go and buy a V1 and RX65 or X50, maybe all three :wink: which have 30-day guarantees. Test them out individually on the same roads, see which one you "connect" with best. Then send the other two back. The only downside is you have to spend a little over $1000 initially, but you get the rest back.

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    I think i would go with the V1 but that is only because i use my detector mainly when I'm on the highway. But the RX-65 is a very close second

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