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    Default photo radar

    Does photo radar only use KA band??


    do u get the same amount of warning to photo radar with a good detector?

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    Default photo radar

    it can be used on k ku ka bands!

    in the us its on the k and ka bands

    here in the uk its used on k and ku but the multinova uses ka band!

    with photo radar being used to flash from behind its facing away from you.. and also its operated at low power!!

    how far it detects photo radar.... it all depends on what detector you have.... 99% of the time the more expensive it is the better job it does! what you pay is what you get!

    but you can find odd bargins for sale! but a v1 going cheap is rare!

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    The most deadly photo radar works with a low-powered Ka signal, but they can work on basically anything. I know that Ku is used on some European units. In general you do NOT get the same amount of warning on photo radar as you do with mobile radar. This is due to a number of things, including the low power of the beam. They also point across the road, sometimes even away from the flow of traffic which further reduces the chances that the signal will scatter to your radar antenna. Apparently there are also issues with the beam being polarized horizontally instead of vertically, or maybe it's the other way around. Either way it can also hurt your chances of getting it. People who deal with photoradar on a daily basis put an unbelieveable amount of time and effort into defeating it. There are very few detectors that will give you a good warning, and a good warning is often considered to be the amount of time it takes to slam on your brakes and just sneak under the limit before it picks up your signal. Where are you from? Others on the board may be able to give you more information about the specific threats that you are likely to see where you drive.

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    K band photoradar like Multanova 5F are not a big problem. You can detect it (400 meters ~ 1400 feet detection range) even with older units. However Ka band photoradar (Multanova 6F, Ramer 7M) are much more difficult to detect. It seems that even top detectors like V1, X50 and Bel RX65 don't give enough warning. The best detectors are Bell with the Ka Narrow option sets to ON (Bell 975R).

    Have a look here :

    We still need a serious test to see if the new K1 "euro mode" performs better against these Ka photoradar.



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