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    Default Radar Detector Pricing & Photo Radar Protecting?

    I'm moving from New Orleans to a town right outside of D.C. and intend on purchasing a Bel STI before I move in a few months. I would like to know if radar detectors are similar to other electronic devices in that the price reduces after a period of time, for example DVD players and camera cell phones. Additionally, I'm considering buying a photo radar protector but would like to know if there is one manufactured that offers laser protection as well as the photo radar. Any suggestions or opinions anyone? Also, if caught with a detector in D.C. what is the penalty? Can they take it away from me or if they fine me what would you guess the fines run?

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    Not really. Radar detector pricing has fallen temendously since the 1970's but only really as a result of inflation. For example, Beltronics' top-line radar detector in 1986 had an MSRP of $329.99. The former top-line Bel (the RX65) came out at $329.99 too and still is at $329.99 a few years later. The STI is a new "high-end" product. So I doubt that the price will go down much if at all.

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    Just like Saabr said,the prices of the top end detectors never really fall.Look at between the Sti and The V1.The Valentine1 has remained at the same price forever.Since it's at the top of the game,and their sales are still high,their is no reason to lower the price.Usually with a proven product like radar detectors and laser jammers there is no reason for the company to lower the price if they know they have a top notch product along with customer service and upgrades..

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    Any ideas if there is a photo radar prtector for your license plate that has both laser protection as well as the photo radar? And just for my own peace of mind does any one have any idea what the D.C. cops do when they catch you with a radar? Is it a fine or is it confiscated?



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