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    Default Manchester , UK Police

    Travelling home tonight down a normally quiet ish road, the V1 went mad on a K alert on a road I have travelled many many times with outa flase alert, slowed down and there up a head facing traffic coming towards me was a Renualt Laguna with a K band radar on the dash board facing on coming traffic.
    I went past and turned around to drive at him.
    Couldn't see what he was using but you could see the head of the radar on the dashboard.
    Went past him and turned around and parked up a bit behind on the other side to watch for a while.
    He was running with K band on for at least 10 mins solid as I sat there and watched. he didn't have any markings on the car what so ever.
    didn't pull anybody, just sat there.
    very strange.

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    Just returned from Manchester. Parents are from Lymm and Dunham. I am so excited for the Cup. I am wearing my red England jersey right now.



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