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    Alright I worked up the strength to talk to a CHP while stopped at a gas station and while this info will only apply to those living in or near Southern California I thought this could help some of you.

    I asked him about radar detectors and their legallity in CA and he responded YES, but NOT in commercial vehicles. Next, he volunteered this info and that was that in order for a Highway Patrol officer to even get radar in their patrol car they must go to school, be trained, and pass a test before they are given the radar device. Which to me it makes sense, but then again from reading here on other forums he could have been misleading me so I would think that I could speed knowing a "supposed' gain. Also, he said this but I already knew it was true and that was that Jammers of any kind are illegal here, which after checking on their official website found that detectors are LEGAL and Jammers are NOT. So I just want everyone's and anyone's opinion on this issue and whether or not you think he is telling the truth about having to go to school to get the radar device itself. I already know that detectors are legal and jammers are not so please focus on school or no school?

    Thank you in advance!

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    All LEO's in the nation are required by NHTSA and by case law to be properly trained in the proper setup, test, and use of their radars prior to using one for enforcement purposes. Although there are NHTSA guidelines for that training, not all departments follow those guidelines. I would think that with all of the negative attention and mis-information about radar, all departments would require minimum training prior to issuing a radar to their officers or risk "failure to train" issues.



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