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    Default [Question] Detector of radars indicated

    Hi people:

    The detector of radars wanted to know which indicated quality/price to detect the following radars:

    Multanova - VR6FJ, MUVR-6F, HR-6F, MUVR-6FD, MR-6FD, MULTAVISION

    Traffipax - SPEEDOPHOT

    Provided - 2000

    Since already thanks a lot.

    Sorry for my English.

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    No ideas??

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    Your screwed. My understanding is that there really are no RD that can give you long range warning, those low powered traps are terrible. Some say the Valentine can do the trick but you still have to be fast on the brakes, some also recommend Beltronics Target line of detectors that try to focus on the specific frequencies to maximize detection. But I think the best would be an external mounted RD from Beltronics, hope RD are legal where you are.



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