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    Default A newbie question?

    Hello All,

    I am brand new to this forum and to the radar detector world. I have a few questions reguarding radar detectors in general. (No pun intended) My first question is I live in Southern California and I don't really know what type of radar or laser is used around here, so anyone with experience and knowledge from this area is more than welcome to contribute. Also basic recommendations as far as what steps to take protecting myself. I am uncertain if jammers are legal here or not so to get that cleared up would be most helpful.

    My second question is I've seen that there are three top detectors available the Valentine 1, the Beltronics Professional RX65, and the Escort 8500 x50. I hope I got these right. I have read about each one and there plus and minus factors, but since I don't what exactly what type of radar is used and if laser is used at all around here. So that answer is crucial to me as well.

    I realize that this has been discussed previously as I scanned through the other forums, but I feel the need to have the most current information as possible to have the best defense. And finally where, for my area, is the best mounting location? I am sensing for radar detection HIGH, and laser detection LOW, but above the wipers. I am unsure if this is still up to date so all information and tips will be most appreciated and thank you in advance.



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    Welcome to the forum. With any of the top 3/4 detectors you will be very happy. There is a sticky in speed trap info that will help with your radar band and laser questions. Pretty much as you start to pay more for an RD the better it will be. No matter what anyone says stay as far away from RMR as possible, not even a 30' pole. I'm sure you ran across this in your searching but even with the best laser detection (V1) you will still probably get a ticket from laser, unless you get a jammer. Veil and a lasershield will help a bit but not anywhere close to a jammer. If you are worried about laser and cant get a jammer a V1 and veil and ls is your best bet if most of your driving is on the freeway. If you are mostly driving in the cities the x50 and from what I hear the rx65 will false less. You are right about radar high and laser low, but becareful about the tint strip, if it is metallic it will cut your range alot. Personally because I have one I recommend the V1, my friend has an x50 and swears by it, and the bel is just as good.

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    i live in Fresno CA and the CHP use Ka exclusivly. to be more precises, they use the Stalker 34.7Ghz frequency on Ka. if you look at the results from the GOL tests, shows that the V1 is slightly better than the rest on that frequency, but that all depends on the conditions in which you are in. Any of the top 3 will be just fine. I owned an x50 before my v1 and liked it. ive been hearing latly that the belscorts are having a few issues with quality control so i would be a little leary. but im sure it will be fine. depending on what your city uses, might tip the scales in what to get. most cities use K band and CHP use Ka so the i might look those options. CA doesnt have laser as of yet so i wouldnt worry about that quite yet. id say v1 because of the upgradability. if you have questions on that feel free to pm me or catch me on instant meaasge. good luck.



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