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    Default Beltronics Vector 895

    I was lurky around on the 'net and came across the Vector 895. Yes, a Vector 895. It is 199.99. But yet outside of this site, nobody has it. Not even the belronics site! Anybody else hear of this new model? Roy?

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    i just did a quick google found a site which sells it....

    Full X, K, Super Wide Ka radar and laser detector provides radar/laser protection forward of your vehicle and laser protection to the rear.

    • Detects X, K and Super Wide Ka bands
    • 8-segment alphanumeric display
    • Audible radar/laser alerts—four distinct band tones
    • Digital power on/off, digital volume control/mute and brightness control
    • Anti-falsing circuitry
    • Mute and AutoMute modes
    • SWS detection
    • Band indication priority override
    • Three levels of brightness, including full dark mode
    • Three City Modes, plus Highway Mode and AutoScan™
    • Memory retention, even with power off
    • Seven user programmable options including power-on indication, start-up sequence, voice, AutoMute, City Mode, POP and SWS
    • VG-2 detection protection
    • New POP alert
    • Rejection of false alarms and interference
    • Optimized antenna placement for optimum off-axis sensitivity
    • Self-calibration circuitry with error alert
    • Standard 1/8" earphone jack
    • Dimensions: 1.2x2.9x4.7" (3.05x7.37x11.94cm) (HWL)
    • Weight: 1 lb. (0.45kg)
    • Includes windshield mount with suction cups, owner's manual, standard coiled cord and anti-slip pads

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    It seems that Bel is making a couple custom models for a certain electronics retailer. They apparently have made an express model and a vector model. Cobra is doing the same thing for said retailer.



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