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    hey fellas, i have just recently purchased a valentine- have not even set it up yet, but i had some questions first. i have read through this forum quite a bit, and i know some of these questions have been answered in the past, but i was just hoping to get some quick answers to a few simple questions.

    FIRST-- i live in VA, how important is it to hide the RD? and since i think i know the answer to effective is the RD if you mount it on the dash and cover it with something like i've read about in other posts?

    SECOND-- how important/why is it better to hardwire the RD?

    LAST-- what is the best mode to set the RD in considering i live in central VA?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    1) You always want to hide the RD as best you can, not only because you live in VA and they are illegal, but because scoundrals can have their eye on it if you leave it out. I would try a visor clip mount (comes with the V1) and hardwire it up there.
    Covering the RD with something is not something I would advise, that said, unless its metallic or something... radar will have no problem passing through it (like a thin layer of cloth, or a pouch). Laser reception, however, will be pretty much effectively brought to to zero with such a set-up... that is why many times if people use a pouch system persay, they will cut holes in it, or at least leave the laser lense(s... front and rear) exposed. You also need to (should be able to) see the display)

    -I would like to note... I have heard from forum members on here that the RD's being illegal in VA... is true, but pretty much a joke as far as consequences vs. (lets say) our Canadian counterparts. VA has more of a slap on the wrist policy compared to Canada, however, I obviously still advised to conceal it.

    2) A good hardwire kit gives a perminant installation point for the RD... this leaves the cig/acc outlets free for cellphones and such... but also: If done right, they can make the install much more stealthy (especially useful for areas where they are illegal... VA cough cough).

    3) Depends on where you live, everyone will say this and that is their best setting(or settings) on the V1, but it all boils down to what you like and where you live, or drive the most (city, suburbs, highways, boonies) etc etc.

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    Slap on the wrist? Give me a break... maybe it is a polite "no you shouldn't have that sir".

    Just put it high or low - and don't have the cord hanging from the headliner straight down to the dash and you'll be fine.



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