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    Default Help...motorcycle in va...mounting and RD advice?

    Okay I'm new to this forum. I have been researching radar detectors for a while now...and I just bought a new its time. The so damn expensive but for Va it seems like a must. However withouth audio (which i didnt know) as you said...on a motorcycle it just wont work.

    I wanted to mount the radar detector under the headlight (and use a screamer or H.A.R.D.)...but then i was thinking it wouldnt have rear detection cause it would have to go through the engine. Do you think it would work if it was inside the fairing?? Would it go through the thin plastic?? Any help on this think hiding a radar det on a car is tough!! Any suggestions??

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    You don't need an STi in VA. At least as of right now you don't. I sugggest you take a look at STi, Bel RX65, Escort X50, V1, Bel 995. I've had a bad experiences with the X50 and a lot of people have posted about getting errors with it. Just a heads up.

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    Take a look in the moto forum first of all. Second, as you will soon learn all alerts are not of the same urgency. The problem with the flashing lites is they do not inform you of what type alert you are facing laser or x band...big difference.

    I use a Sti with headphones best solution in my opinion. Oh yeah the external speaker with the Sti is useless for bikes.

    The detector laws are so wimpy in Va and the enforcement so low tech I wouldnt necessarily jump to the Sti

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