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    Default snooper radar detectors. may be spectre proof!

    i emailed snooper thats snooperuk! about the s5r and s6r neo!

    they make radar detectors and gps for the uk!
    i emailed them and sounded like i knew nothing about detectors.....

    i asked them about if they interfered with satelites.. they said no.....

    i also asked them that my mates said if the police are behind you they can detect if you have a radar detector!!!!

    they said there not illegal in the uk..... and that they dont give off any signal for the police to detect!!!

    this was a few months back buts its got me thinking.......
    either the bloke doesnt know about local oscillator emissions or
    they have found away to make it 100% stealthed!

    i just dont know...... they are used in europe where the spectre rdd is....

    does know one know if there have been rdd tests in europe to see if there is any radar detectors which are immune to spectre!!

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    Default I'm am familiar with these guys

    I know this outfit in the UK, they aslo imported a bunch of "First Alert" laser jammers that don't work at all.

    They don't bother testing the equipment they sell and know very little about the industry and the products
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    cheers roy......

    i thought it was strange that they said it doesnt give any signal off!

    this is the problem over here...99% of people dont have a clue!

    snooper sell..... well they use to sell laser jammers which most testers said that they were blinder units!

    theses did work... and did not set off the ''jam'' indicator on some laser guns!

    on their website it says
    Welcome to the Official Snooper Website. With over 25 years experience Snooper are truly the market leaders in Safety Camera detection!

    bloody funny 25 years!! and they dont have a clue!



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