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Thread: Enough Power?

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    Default Enough Power?

    I currently have a DLO Transpod put into my cigarette lighter on my Honda Civic 2003.

    That is the only cigarette lighter in the car (I believe, unless one is hidden)

    If I get a cigarette splitter such as this:

    Will I have enough power for both the ipod fm transmitter and the Escort X50 8500?


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    I use a Garmin GPS and Bel RX65 with a splitter and they work fine.

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    Im glad itll work.

    If anyone has a different or supporting opinion, please say so!

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    This page indicates that the TransPod requires about 300mA of current. Radar detectors are generally 250mA when powered on, and around 400mA when on full alert. So that's a total of about 700 milliamperes, which is to say, not even one full amp.

    The typical circuit for an automotive cigarette lighter is going to be fused for at least 10 amps, if not 15, 20, or even 30 (that's alot!). Check in your fuse box to see which fuse is for the lighter, and it should indicate the amp rating.

    The bottom line is that you're going to have to plug in alot more stuff if you think you're going to overwhelm that circuit!

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    The cigarette lighter is a small electric heater. Electric heaters use a LOT of current, several amps at least. Most anything else that gets plugged into that socket (RD, GPS, cell phone etc.) will use a fraction of the power the lighter would use. Like EastGermanOlympicJudge (whew, that's a lot of typing!) said, the lighter circuit in most cars is fused at 10 amps or more.
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    AFAIK, the standard for the newer vehicles( last 5 years) is 20 amps for all the accessory outlets. So if you have 3 acc outlets they are actually just one, just there for your convenience, they used to be 10, but with multiple cell phones and rd's and heaters and cb's and the list goes on - they found that people were getting close to 10 amps and not realizing it - so they bumped em to 20. =D



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