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    FYI: Currently I use the Escort Passport 8500 x50, and after hearing about the introduction of KU band radar guns in the US, i asked escort about it. Here is the response i received:

    I have looked into this a little more and this is what I came up with. The FCC authorized the Ku-Band for use in the US over ten years ago. We continue to hear rumors about the introduction of Ku equipped radar guns, but so far this has not happened. We have recently heard of a manufacturer producing a prototype Ku-Band gun, but so far nothing is being used for traffic monitoring. As with all other threats and new technologies, when this becomes a threat in the US we will provide a solution. Our Passport 8500, 8500 X50 and the Solo S2 all have flash chips that can be software up-dated if the police introduce a new band or frequency of radar or laser. At this time there are no new police frequencies in the US, so no up-date is required. Thanks for your interest in Escort!

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    Default Ku

    Yes, aware of this.
    Next month Police Product News is going to be testing the new Ku band gun and then publish the review later in 2005
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    You (or they at Escort) should not look it so inversed. In Europe the Ku band has been in use for long time so the radar (photo radar) has been invented long time ago ....
    In Finland the situation is similar than in US. All the radars used here are US made so the frequences are same K and Ka from 34,6 - 36 GHz



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