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Thread: K band?

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    Default K band?

    Ok, i'm not worried...well i am, in a way. Without giving too much away but! I'm doing my 120kmh down the motorway, just minding my own and then bam, K band. Mind you there is nothing in front of me for a long way mind you as well.
    So i'm thinking traffic lights......impossible, as there is none around. So i'm backing off to 110kmh looking, K band is on me tail and closing steady, but who, where and what. This goes on for 5-6kms, like beeeeeep-beeeeeeeb-beeeeeep and then beep-beep-beep and so forth. I see no LEO, it's dark but i know what they drive and how. I pull off the motorway and all goes silent, nothing?
    First of all, our LEO have decom'd all of the K band radar in our State for the new potent super wide Ka, at least 6 years ago as far as i know. I could be wrong though. Or is it just a guy doing pranks with old radar or is it moving multinover. I say this because our "Camera cars" use the exact K band? Let's get it on :twisted:

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    What state are you in?

    Some other things to consider:

    How reliable was your source of information about K band being retired.? Here in Indiana there is still even some X band around, but many assume it its extinct. It is not! My point is don't assume too much.

    Some RDs (mainly Uniden and some Cobras) will cause K band alerts in the top models.




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