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    Default Cobra ESD7000 a good test for quality RDs...

    This past weekend I decided to see whether the "cheap Cobras setting off other detectors" thing was accurate...

    So w/my family's mini-van parked next to my car, I plugged their $30 Cobra ESD7000 in while my Whistler 1793SE was running. With both vehicles parked side-by-side, and both detectors pointing straight ahead, both detectors remained silent. Then I rotated the Cobra... and suddenly my Whistler comes to life. When the Cobra was turned completely in the direction of my Whistler (so at about 45 degrees off a direct face-to-face setup), the Whistler reported full strength K-band. As I turned the Cobra toward straight ahead again, the signal strength dropped and then went silent.

    Next I'll have to test the range at which I can pick up the Cobra head on, but I'm figuring it will only be a couple of car lengths at most. Hopefully that'll be good enough though for testing where good mounting locations are and how things like the tint strip affect detected strength (if at all).

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    Default cool

    Cool test, I have done this w/ different detectors but much closer. It is cool to know that others on here do this test.

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    Interesting. I was programming my bro-inlaw's X50 for him the other day and I plugged in a Cobra XRS9500 right next to it for testing, and what was interesting is that the Cobra would set off the X50's X-alert intermittently (regardless of which direction it was turned), but the X50 was setting off the Cobra's K-alert constantly. This seemed very backward to me. :?

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    From what I've read if the Cobra's VG2 and Spectre alerts are turned on, it causes the POP/Ka alerts on other detectors. That would be a good thing to test.

    I've noticed that some Cobras cause my RDs (V1 & X50) to false, but not all of them. I'm guessing it's because of the VG2 setting.
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    X50 = Pop on
    Cobra = Spectre and VG2 both turned on

    Your guess about why that happened is as good as mine. :?

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    Oh, to clarify:

    Whistler 1793SE - POP ON, SWS OFF, VG2/Spectre OFF
    Cobra ESD7000 - POP N/A, SWS ON, VG2/Spectre ON

    Whistler alerts constant K-band
    Cobra ESD7000 remains silent.

    Unfortunately, being a $30 unit, I don't think I can turn the SWS and VG2/Spectre off.



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