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    Default Possible technology to defeat photo speed enforcement

    "Georgia Institute of Technology scientists say they've created a prototype device that can block digital video cameras from working in a specific area."

    "The scientists say the prototype -- which could be used to stymie unwanted use of video or still cameras -- uses off-the-shelf equipment to scan for, find and neutralize digital cameras."

    Full story at this link: link:

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    Yep I also know about this. In fact, I've seen the software behind the scenes.

    It most likely will not work at he huge speeds that cars go at like 150Kmph and above, it will not be able to analyse fast enough. This is like face recognition... it works if you walk by, but not if you're flying by at 200Kmph.

    At those speeds, you need something like the VF2 that does simple flash detection.

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    What is VF2? I'm having brain fade right about now.




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