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    Default Cheap Radio Shack Detector

    I received a "Safety Alert" Radio Shack branded Detector for christmas and was wondering if anyone here knows how good it is (or isn't). Here are the specs:

    360 degree
    Emergency Vehicle Warning
    "undetectable" to VG-2
    X, K, Ka, Laser, Ultralyte Laser, Pro Laser III

    Looks kind of cheap, wondering if I should trust it. Looks like it might have been made by Cobra, but cannot confirm that.



    p.s. it was under $100

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    Default Radio Shack Detector

    Well you are close, it is not made by Cobra but the same company that makes Cobra radar detectors.

    BGTECH, who is now based out of China, makes the detectors for Cobra and Radio Shack.

    From experience, very cheaply made with low range, filtering and sensitivity.

    Would like to hear your thoughts of the unit after you have had it for a month or so,,,
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