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    Default X50 vs Stalker K-band

    last nigt at about 3am I was driving around and I found a LEO running constant-on K-band (Spec reported K 24.200) I pass him and not 2 miles later theres another one (same city cops) sitting with K-band again.... iget the standard bar graph and go back at them, the second one left before I could turn around.

    Coming from behind (facing the back) of the PC:

    run 1--- alert starts (2-bar) @ 1mi; full alert @ .6mi
    run 2 --- alert starts (3-bar) @ .9mi; full alert @ .6mi
    run 3--- alert starts (2-bar) @.9mi; full alert @ .7mi

    coming head-on (facing the front) with the PC:
    *note there is a small bend and about 2ft rise in the road about .7 miles in front of him*

    run1--- alert starts (1bar) @ .8mi; full alert @ .5mi
    run 2--- alert starts (1bar) @ .8mi; full alert @ .4mi
    run 3--- alert starts (3bar) @ .6mi; full alert @ .4mi

    I know this isnt the most scientific of tests but here it is my own little real-world test against an LEO..........aside from the little bend mentioned above the road is a 5 lane wide flat and empty road (for those who care and know the area: I was southbound on SH-26 a few miles past Pool/Brumlow rd LEO was in a parking lot), testing was done with my blue rev. 5 X50

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    Thanks for the results. Sounds Familiar.



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