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    Default bel v940 vs v955

    Hey everyone..I'm new to the whole radar detector game. I currently have a whisler xtr-280 cordless, a cobra esd-7000(piece of crap..I know), and bel e795 I am thinking about buying a bell v940, or v955. if someone can give me some info as to which is better, I would appreciate it.(yes, i plan on getting the rx65 when I have the money) thanks for the help

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    hi i was in your situation not to long ago trying to decide on a new detector. i bought the 955 from circuit city for $180 plus tax. i love it so far it has great range, a few falses, but oh well and it has voice and selectable bands. i dont know much about the v940 but i'm pretty sure the v955 is better



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