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    Default Counter Measures from front detection??

    Hi there,

    The other day was driving my car (which has no RD installed) & was doing 10 mph more than the limit.

    I was stopped by the cops (who were in the front), insisted that I was way above the limits. I apologized & argued both. It was a good day as I didnít get a ticket just a warning.

    They showed me the recorded video of my car approaching them & the speed at which their radar intercepted it.

    My question is, what type of equipment were they using?

    What would be the best way or RD to detect such a sitting cop with a gun & video capturing equipment?

    Hoping to hear from you,


    PS: I bought cobra XRS-9675 for my Corolla 06, which I plan to change to Bel RX 65 Pro.

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    thats the problem with radar, the beam is too wide (vs LIDAR) so it couldve been you coming up on them or it couldve been another car showing up on the 'fastest target' display, which some radar guns have and they might have thought that it was you.... any top3/4 RD would do well, if youre looking at the RX-65 thats a good way to go, but if you want a unit with a red display id go with the X50 Red, its delivers the same performance except $30 cheaper.... well thats my 2 cents.... time for the REAL experts' opinions

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    Any decent RD would have helped you out. At the same time, you didn't say (because you probably don't know) what type of RADAR was used. If it was Ka, then you still might have gotten video'ed, but at a slower speed. With K, you probably would have had time to slow down a mile down the road (if it was constant on)

    If they were using Instant On, then you are pretty muched screwed anyways.



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