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    Default Radar Absorver...

    I found this on the web looks, interesting about absorving radar, maybe now we would see a "passive" radar countermeasure that works.

    I didn't read it all, but looks informative


    This is one of the products that they sell, to absorb up 40 Ghz

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    Ram works for sure but the problem lies in the different frequencies used .

    Ram have to be tuned to each threat K , Ka , and less used X .

    RFSB - Tuned Frequency magnetic absorbers provide 20 dB attenuation at the selected frequency. The frequency range of design ranges from 500 MHz to 40 GHz.
    There is no ram that will reduce equally , even the multi band is limited to 2 to 18 gig :

    RFMB - Multiband magnetic absorbers can be tuned to 2 or 3 frequencies and provide broadband specular attenuation from 2-18 GHz. The thickness of these materials range from 0.175" to 0.325".
    The easiest home-made ram is a mixture of powdered graphite diluted in water based acrylic caulking diluted with water , it makes a black coating , not very nice on a car . Still the headlights stay the major rf reflector....

    How effective it is :?:

    A nice project for those who owns radar guns :wink:
    Because it is water based , it is easy to removed with boiling water.

    Ref. : Radar Handbook.

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    R&F Products are foams, covers, screens, and other soild rf absorbing material.

    A good triangular or convoluted foam will provide you with over 45db of loss on the x-ka frequencies. But, your car will look stupid with a bunch of foam on it and you can not protect your windshield.

    Paint is extremely hard to find or make. Again, you can not protect your windshield.

    Either way it will cost you a lot of money.

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    this would be awesome if someone could test and show that it works



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