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    Default laser false alert

    Is there such thing as a false laser alert, I was driving down a highway I normally drive down and suddenly I got a crazy alert I have never seen before, it was the laser alert so I looked around and all I could see was a garage door open on someones house, that was it. I guess they could have been hiding very well, just curious what caused it thats all, I was using the x50.

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    Yes laser false alerts are fairly common. V1 ares prone to false from the tailights of some cars. The Bel/Escort products can false based on RF interference ie around airports is common. I think your EZ Pass system also gives falses as well as cell phones in some cases.

    And my own personal false when I honk my horn (on bike) I get a Laser Alert.

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    Laser alerts from some vehicles with a lidar based cruise control are possible. I've gotten an alert when driving past a survey crew that was using a laser sight. Some neon signs, and also those large matrix signs can cause alerts.


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    laser alerts can be caused by anything operating in the infrared 904nm region.

    neon lights, infra red detection beams found on alarm systems.

    laser cruise control...... infra red traffic counters...



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