Not much is new under the sun, I'm afraid, but here's what they told me (neither appeared to be terribly knowledgeable, to say the least, so ... yeah.)

-Current public revision: 5.
-Current tested revision: 10.
-Expected next public revision: 11 (to be released in "a month or two.")
-No significant changes from 3 to 5; mostly a matter of "antenna retuning," the guy said, as well as "bug fixes"
-Expected in rev 11: Onboard error logging for Escort diagnostics, should you have to send it back; not much else is known
-He basically dismissed my POP falsing mention, saying that it may or may not be addressed in the upcoming update.

-All that was really to be discussed, after he told me that the latest firmware was 3.818 and I convinced him otherwise, was that 3.824 was released to deal with the "J problem" that we already know about. Other than that, not much there.

If I had an RX65, I would've called them, too.

Oh well, hopefully the Escort bit is relatively good/"new" news. :wink: