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    Default Rear Laser Antennas

    Most all detectors now have a Rear Laser Antenna but do they really serve a purpose. From all that I have read, Laser is very difficult to detect even from the front so how is it posable to detect it from the rear? The detector would be all the way at the front of the car. People are stating that a high front mount can't even detect laser ( unless its a V1 ) so how could it detect it with a rear shot? Just wondering.....

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    it cant?

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    V1 detects rear laser well, as long as it's mounted with a clear view to the rear. Most other detectors have the "rear" sensor on top of the case, which makes it less effective, plus it is usually very small, so it's a lot less likely to be effective in detecting rear laser. At the very least you'd need to have the RD perfectly level, or even having the rear pointing down to get better rear laser detection.

    If rear laser is a concern, jammer head(s) on back is really the only way to go.
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    although I have yet to be hit by laser from a leo (they don't use it anywhere within 100 miles of me) the rear detector on my v-1 always lets me know when someone behind me has adaptive crusie control. and this is through a tinted rear window in a new chevy truck. and the detector is over 6 feet above the road where it is mounted.

    But there is no way it will ever save me from a ticket.

    There was an older Uniden detector that used a seperate laser receptor that was held to the rear window by a suction cup. It was a little black box with a collimating lense that plugged into an accessory jack on the main unit. this rd was such a POS, it took almost 5 full seconds to alert to a signal when I tested it. I quit using it over 8 years ago, and have been without an RD until 2 months ago when I got the v-1.



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