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    Default Concealed/stealth mounting calling all Canadians/VA state r?

    Hi All,
    I am planning on getting an STI from Roy (I am in Ontario).

    My question is around mounting options. I have spent some time searching these boards and I see that most mount above the rearview mirror on passanger side. Well, I have some tint (BMW 330) and there is space between the windshield/roof/rearview and power from the dimming mirror...but I do not see how this is not in plain sight for the LEO?? I have been looking at cars on the highway and in city traffic and it is clear that this area is visible from behind, sides and front ! Especially from behind, when I follow a car I can clearly see his rearview mirror and the windshield all around that area ??

    What are you guys in Toronto doing? Please help, no point in an undetectable RD when it is in plain sight


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    I have seen pictures of people mounting the Rd in the thrid brakelight with the use of a concealed display unit or audio adapter (forget about laser though)

    I have also seen visor clips with a pouch over the RD, or breaking down the visor to hold the RD altogether.

    Do not try the old" cover the detector with a hat trick"

    a tissue box might work if taped using double sided tape.
    But that is as obvious as a turd in a punch-bowl!

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    yeah, im thinking of how to post my right now too...ive made the same observations as you..ontario too.

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    Sometimes I disguise it as a 407 transponder, sometimes as a satellite radio, sometimes as a garage door opener, sometimes in a sunglass pouch, sometimes in a note pad ever see Shawshank Redemption.

    Avoid using suction cups and hardwire of course.. it'll be fine

    Most of the time its above the visor behind the tint strip.



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