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Thread: Just for fun 2

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    Default Just for fun 2

    WOW :!: :shock: :shock: :!:

    Sorry guys, didn't mean to start a flame war.....

    Let me clarify my post by saying a few things.....

    First, I've used everything from the original Escort, to the V1 with
    BELs, Cobras,Unidens,Whistlers and :shock: even a RatShak unit
    a time or two and in between....

    I've been a V1 user since off and on since '94.
    (Only had 2 citations in that time and one was with the V:!: :!: )
    I will always try something new, cause you never know which product
    will give you that extra edge.

    I also would be concerned about any $300+ piece of equipment
    that had operational issues within one day out of the box.

    I probably did not make myself clear on the arrows statement in
    the previous topic. Anyone with any intelligence and experience
    with RDs know where the fixed sources are, the CVS, the MallWarts
    and so on.
    My statement would apply to a total noob OR someone travelling in
    an unfamiliar area ( in CB that would be 'away from the home 20' :wink: )
    who would not be aware of all of the fixed xmitter locations.

    jimbonzzz To answer your statement I have to say that the last police I was stopped by did in fact not have any balls.
    She did, however, have a really nice Kevlar :!:

    One last thing, this board is a great service for asking questions, venting
    and just general info...There is never any need or reason to turn it into third grade recess.....

    's 8) xihua

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    Well said


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    Default Re: Just for fun 2

    Quote Originally Posted by bearbait
    ...There is never any need or reason to turn it into third grade recess.....
    ahh but it happens anyway, theres always somebody, ya know

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    Default welcome

    Welcome to the board bearbait. It sounds like you have had some fun w/ all kinds of different rd's. The more info the better. Have a good one!




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