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    Default Newb with an STi

    Hi all,
    I am a newbie to the RD owner ranks. I used this site extensively to research my decision and signed up to ask some questions and convey some of my experiences so far.

    I am Australian but travel extensively for work so the STi was the only real choice for me. I had been looking at RD's for years but it was the stealth of the STi that sold me on a purchase. I bought from Radar Roy as I am in the US at the moment and can only praise the service I recieved.

    Currently I am staying in Salisbury MD and working in VA at Wallops Is. I have only had my detector 2 days and so far have been using it in a "out of the box" state to get used to it before I start programming it. So far I have had two alerts, one from a brown State Trooper car that was oncoming on 13 as I headed northbound and another from the same type of vehicle that had already pulled over a minivan.

    The oncoming car I picked up about 800m (1/2 mile) off around a slight lh bend, the stationary car I picked up about 400m away but he was right behind the van.

    Now for my questions; I passed 2 oncoming brown State Troopers and got no alerts, I assumed they simply had their radar turned off?
    I have also passed 2 white Police cars and got no warnings. Do these white cruisers carry radars?
    The other police cars I have seen have been an unmarked SUV and a Chevy pickup with an emblem on the doors, canopy on the tray and concealed red/blue lights. Both had already pulled people over and I got no alert.
    I have had a few falses as well but they have been in the same spot each time and always in the strip malls on the side of 13.
    I will be doing a stealth install when I get home as well as a motorbike install so I will keep everyone informed as I get more experience.
    I will also try to keep my posts a bit shorter.

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    Yeh, chances are the radar was turned off. Not all cruisers are equipped w. radar.



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