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    Default Need recommendation for Radar/Laser det in Miami

    Hey guys I've read alot of the post here and need to now which is the
    best radar/laser detector I can get... I drive alot on the turnpike and see
    plenty of troopers and here in Miami they always got them speed points
    where there just standing there waiting for you to fall in there trap. I've gotten mad tickets already and dont need anymore. I had gotten one of those rocky mountain 450's but I think they suck. So what do you guys say?

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    rmr xxx sucks. Don't matter which one.

    Get the v1, for the following reasons:

    Great Range on all Radars
    Great Detection of Laser
    Its good looking.(personal opinion)
    Ability to not have the LED's lookin out your back windoww for everyone else to see.

    Other detectors that might suit you,

    STI Driver

    I own the v1 so I'm a bit impartial towards it. The st1 driver and v1 compare close in most controlled tests and it is also spectre(a radar detector detector) immune.

    Good luck in your search

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    Welcome to the board!!!!

    Well if you live down here in miami depending on your budget you can either the V1-X50-RX65 the STi is not worth to have down here because RDs are legal. If your budget is not that high you can go with a V995, or other Beltronics. If it is about 100 dollars you might like the Whistler PRO 58/73

    Good luck,

    Note throw that RMR awy or even better destroy it in little pieces but remember make a video of it.

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    if laser is your concern, consider not only a v1 but a laser jammer.



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