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    Default instant on gets you

    if no rabbit, i dont use it. i just got back from north carolia and the hills are steep goind through s carolina.
    lucky io wasnt speeding cause this 1 time i was approaching the top of hill when i got full k band alert instant on, then silence and i was only car out then so didnt have a rabbit- if i was speeding, my bel 995v that i brag so highlt about wouldnt have done anything in time,.
    i noticed the whole trip cops are using instant on alot more than they ever have thus making the need for a rabbit in sight to be safe-unless he targets u first,.
    was cool in georgia exit 29- brunswick when i got nailed laser against mt lp905 and in a work zone and i was doing 65(but it was 45) and i had time to slow down. it appeared to jam to gun like it did against prolaser3 recently in florida. i love all 3 heads up front. before with just 2 up front, i didnt get jtg, but now i do.
    i think it was another ultalyte l/r like the one i jammed in florida few weeks back. gotta have a jammer now adays it seemms.dan

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    That is VERY true, instant on and Laser is the thing now, Laser Countermeasure= Jammer...... I-O Radar CM = Rabbit (Or just straight out not speeding) in situations like that not the V995 (Which is a very good detector) or ANY of the top 3 can protect you from that kind of thing



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